Travels on Queensland’s Iron Road (BOOK)




Travels on Queensland’s Iron Road (BOOK)

Over the years, steam train tours have formed the major part of tours run by the ARHS-QLD, but extensive tours have also been mounted allowing participants to visit some of the most modern and spectacular railway installations in the State.

Thus, whilst tours have been run to celebrate anniversaries of lines, and also the sad closures of others, members have also had the opportunity to visit the spectacular coal railways in Central Queensland and to travel behind some of the latest motive power, within months of its being commissioned.

It was decided that the thirtieth anniversary of Society tours merited some special recognition. The recent Society publication 'The Last of the Tribe', which deals with the steam locomotives still operating tours in 1986 had proven so successful, that it was decided to undertake a publication along broader lines, dealing with tours since their inception.

It is to be hoped that, within the constraints of its size, 'Travels on Queensland's Iron Road' goes some way toward satisfying this objective.

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