Transit Australia - August 2013




Transit Australia - August 2013

Wellington Public Transport
Budgets 2013 - Part Two
Gold Coast Light Rail Works
Riding The Ring Railway In Delhi
Draft Sydney Timetable
Station Useability In Victoria
Sydney Route 632 Withdrawn From Hornsby
Siemens On Remotely Controlled Metros
Adelaide Go Zones Map Review
Plus Regulars

Front Cover

Ian Hammond photographed a three car set of 3000 series railcars as it awaited departure for Gawler in Platform 4 at Adelaide Station on 13 June, with the driver awaiting the rightaway from the safe-working employee on the platform; a time honoured tradition at Adelaide that is probably more necessary at peak hours than this seemingly quiet moment. Alas the electrification to Gawler is years away despite the recent announcement that wires will be strung as far as Dry Creek to allow electric cars to be worked under their own power for maintenance at Dry Creek Depot.


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