Tracks To Some Place - Volume 2 (BOOK)




Tracks To Some Place - Volume 2 (BOOK)

Tracks to Some Place’ was born out of several different facets that merged to create the book as it is now. My family has a working involvement with the railway network in Queensland stretching back to the 1970’s, and as such we have accumulated a reasonable assortment of photographs (mostly older print type images) of various aspects of railway operations and equipment. In the last few years these have come into my possession and rather than let them gather dust in a forgotten album, I toyed with the idea of getting them out there somehow.

Another factor in putting the book together was to try to give central Queensland railway operations a more visible part in any sort of publication. For a region that gives so much to the state as whole in terms of railway workings and revenue it is very poorly represented. To see so many publications that have a large proportion of the images focused on the southeast got rather frustrating, so a combination of both of these aspects led me to several printers to see what options were available, and one thing led to another and ‘Tracks to Some Place’ was the result, the 24 page book that is currently on offer. There are plans to put together another one or two books, as the photographic collection grows almost daily. K Blumson

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