The South Coast Railway (BOOK)




The South Coast Railway (BOOK)

The South Coast railway was unique: No other railway in Queensland, originally built mainly for goods transport, ever carried such unprecedented passenger numbers.
Surely no other railway anywhere with such huge potential for the future has ever been closed so prematurely. Surely, few rail closures anywhere else ever aroused such public indignation.
Yet few people living on the Gold Coast today would even realise that long ago, steam trains and the crowds of people they transported formed an integral part of the Gold Coast scene for over 75 years.
The railway to the South Coast characterised an era in Queensland when life was much different from that of today - an era which, like the railway itself, is long gone.
After a gap of more than 30 years, trains returned to the Gold Coast on a new line that holds the Australian rail speed record - worlds away from the soot and steam "stinkers" as the newspapers referred to them.
This historical account of the History of the South Coast and its railway represents some twenty years of research and writing.
Jam packed with almost 150 photographs and diagrams, this epic work enables the reader to completely gain a perspective on this long gone, but never forgotten railway!

Hard Cover, 100 pages, FULL COLOUR, gloss, maps + 150 photographs & diagrams.

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