The Forgotten Men at Grandchester Railway Station (Book)



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The Forgotten Men at Grandchester Railway Station (Book)

Situated in Queensland's Lockyer Valley is the town of Grandchester and in the waiting room, a Roll of Honour bond pays homage to the 46 local men who served in World War I. At the time of the Great War, the railway station was the hub of the Grandchester community but its' importance gradually declined as cars, buses and trucks overtook trains as the main mode of transport to and from the town. Without the frequent reminder of the Roll of Honour board in residents daily lives, the names of that brave men were in danger of being forgotten.

In The Forgotten Men at Grandchester Railway Station, author Ian Curtis reminds us of the contribution that these soldiers and the small community of Grandchester made towards the war effort. It is a detailed account of these young men's experiences of war, from its infancy to the post-war period, when only 1 in 4 of the local men who joined up returned. And it is a snapshot of a typical Queensland country town, where its residents pulled together to support its volunteers during a dark period in history. These men deserve to be remembered. Lest We Forget.

275 Pages - Colour and Black & White


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