The Aramac Tramway (BOOK)



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The Aramac Tramway (BOOK)

One hundred years ago every town in Australia wanted a railway. When the only alternative was horse drawn transport over roads which were often almost impassable, the railway provided a life line.

Aramac, almost in the centre of Queensland, was no exception. Aramac township was established in 1869, with the opening of a hotel. Many other business soon followed, and by 1879 one visitor described it as "one of the prettiest and best kept towns in Queensland".

Its prime reason for existence was to serve the vast sheep stations in this area.
With the opening of the first railways to central Queensland in the 1880s, Aramac fought to be connected, but lost. Aramac, with a population of perhaps 400, was unique amongst inland Queensland towns in taking on the task of building its own line.

This is the story of the Aramac Tramway, 41 miles of lightly built 3 ft 6 in gauge track, with little traffic. It opened in 1913, and for the next 62 years it provided a major challenge for the Shire Council to keep it going. Miraculously it survived until 1975. By that time all of its traffic could be easily handled by road.



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