Sunshine Express Volume 1 (BOOK)




Sunshine Express Volume 1 (BOOK)

This volume is a reproduction of the Queensland Division Supplements Numbers 1-10 to the Australian Railway Historical Society Bulletin first published in 1963 and 1964. Supplements 1-5 have been completely retyped as the Fordigraph printing process used for the originals was not suitable for reproduction.

For the same reason, the map in supplement 7 has been redrawn. Supplements 6-10 are facsimilies of the originals except for the photographs three, three which have been reproduced from the original prints.

The remaining two photographs have been reproduced from new prints, made from the original published reproduction. No part of the original publication has been omitted. These supplements have, come to be regarded as Volume 1 of the periodical "Sunshine Express" the journal of the Australian Railway Historical Society Queensland Division.

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