Steam In The Sunshine State 2007 Edition (AUDIO CD)



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Steam In The Sunshine State 2007 Edition (AUDIO CD)

This CD was produced from the original master tapes which were used to create the LP released in the 1970s of the same name. As these tapes were recorded using a high-quality Nagra recorder at a high-speed, the tapes have survived very well over the last 40 or so years, and despite being mono these recordings still convey a huge amount of detail and atmosphere of the Queensland steam scene in its final years.

To get the best from this CD, it needs to be played on headphones or good quality speakers as the recordings feature a very wide dynamic range.

As with any recordings of this age, there are imperfections on the tape which are present in this final product Were possible these imperfections have been minimised without disturbing the original audio track

Duration appx 55 mins


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