Recalling QR in the 60s (BOOK)



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Recalling QR in the 60s (BOOK)

For Queensland Railways (QR) the 1960s was the decade in which diesel locomotives displaced steam locomotives. It was also the decade when many branch lines were closed and QR started to focus on what it believed it should be doing. It was the start of the QR we have come to know today as a hauler of bulk commodities.

It is the aim of this book to enable readers to re-visit an interesting past period in QR history.

The story is told using QR information, statistics and reports which convey the official organisation history but we also want to convey the grass roots history of QR and its people which we do through the experiences of enthusiasts who enjoyed that time.

We do not mention individual railway employees by name. However the fact those men (and QR traffic and loco employees were almost all men) are not named does not diminish the respect held for them or gratitude for what they did for enthusiasts, often at some personal risk to their job security.

As with all history, this book reflects the personal bias of the Editor. For this book to be comprehensive it would have to be about ten times larger. However the book does give a valid overview of the 1960s decade as recorded at that time. It mainly contains stories of the places the writers went, so some lines (eg Great Northern Railway) don't get their appropriate coverage and some traffics (eg livestock) were more important to QR than might appear from these pages.

Readers will find this book to be more than an Album. For some it will rekindle memories of their younger days while for others it will assist them appreciate a time they do not remember. All should find the book an enjoyable and ESSENTIAL addition to their library.

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