Railway Stations - Greater Metropolitan Brisbane (BOOK)



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Railway Stations - Greater Metropolitan Brisbane (BOOK)

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By the 1950s, Queensland Railways' suburban services in Brisbane were
seen as something of an anachronism in a world of Sputnik, increasing air
travel, buses and private motor vehicles.

Services were provided by steam hauled passenger trains and an exciting variety of red rail motors. The Evans sets of crossbench passenger cars without internal door handles were a real delight! Some attempts at modernisation were made: quadruplication from Roma Street
to Corinda, diesel haulage, new 2000 class rail motors and stainless steel car sets designed for conversion to EMUS.

But somehow the feel of the old QR remained with worn out infrastructure and infrequent services. With the opening of the Merivale Bridge and the new broom of electrification sweeping through the system, nearly all the old and comfortable things quickly vanished.

Captions are kept to a minimum, allowing the large format colour reproductions to tell their own story. Little information was supplied with many of the origina1 35mm slides, but with the help of some of our own records and consultations with various photographers we have been able to provide reasonably detailed and, hopefully, accurate captions.

Join us as we attempt to recreate those gentler and more laid- back times.




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