Rail Around Queensland - Back To The Gabba (DVD)


Rail Around Queensland - Back To The Gabba (DVD)

There is little evidence remaining that suggests the great railway history that once existed in the suburbs surrounding South Brisbane. 

To the casual observer, Woolloongabba is like any other inner city suburb, and one could easily mistake Southbank for always having been a parkland. 

But the truth is that the entire area was once a bustling industrial hub and shipping port.
Where railway lines, wharves and flour mills were once located, parks, hotels, beaches and luxurious apartments now stand in their place.
From 1884 until 1969, “The Gabba” was home to one of the most fascinating places a rail fan could find in Australia.
This program documents the entire history of the line to Wooloongabba and beyond… from the planning stages, through to its demolition - contrasting those with what remains today.
You will see long lost footage and images of the earliest rail operations: Locomotives at the Gabba yards, trains working the coal wharf, and passenger trips on the Branch.

Horse-drawn trams set the backdrop for passenger operations at Stanley St Station, and cars and trucks menace the path of trains through the Gabba fiveways.

Every part of the branch is covered with original maps, photographs, film, digital re-creations, and sound recordings.

Whether you have fond memories of the bell and flag man, or a yearning to discover the past, press play and jump on board, as we take you back, to the Gabba.

Includes bonus booklet with transparencies, maps and diagrams.


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