Farewell Old Chums (BOOK)

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Farewell Old Chums (BOOK)

On 3rd July 1953 a new era commenced in the Queensland Railways for on that day the first diesel electric locomotive of the 1200 class entered service. Having been built in England, the class soon became known as "Chums" or "Chummy Locos".

This name was subsequently applied also to the 1250 class but as more locomotives were built by English Electric in Australia all "EE's" became more commonly referred to as "pours" or "pommies".

As both classes have now been written off this is our salute to two of Queensland's more popular types of diesel locomotives.

All photographs in this book are of trains operating on 3'6" (1067mm) gauge. Acknowledgement is made of the assistance given by the Queensland Railways in supplying information for this book.


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