Exploring the Railways of Far North Queensland (BOOK)

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Exploring the Railways of Far North Queensland (BOOK)

This book succeeds in being both a precis of the history of the railways of Far North Queensland and a guide to those that existed in the past and those that remain today.
It should be a compulsory purchase for anyone .. Contemplating a trip to the Cairns area .. with an interest in the area OR ..who has visited and wants to know more and retain a souvenir of their visit.

From 1880 to the present day is well beyond one lifetime but it is all brought together here so that the reader can feel as though they have not only travelled on the railways described but have also travelled through time to the earliest days of rail transport in the area.

The reader will gain a good appreciation of the railways, the people who worked on them and the challenges they faced.

This is not a text book or a comprehensive history book but it is an interesting account of what has been achieved, of what has been lost and of what should never have been. 2 foot gauge; 3 foot 6 inch gauge and standard gauge; steam trains, rail motors, diesel locomotives and even TILT trains are to be found within the pages.

As well as the text, the 100 photographs give a visual interpretation of the 130 years of progress.

"All aboard" for this journey along some of the most interesting railways anywhere.

Author Brian Webber



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