Country Railways of Queensland PART 1 (BOOK)



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Country Railways of Queensland PART 1 (BOOK)

Queensland is a big state with a far flung railway system.

The 1950s, 60s and 70s were decades of massive changes when the former Queensland Railways (QR) shook off their "Quaint and Rattley" tag and matched "Chairman Mao's Great Leap Forward".

Journey back with us to a simpler amd gentler era to places like:
- Southport, Coolangatta, Ernest Junction, Dugandan, Finch Hatton
- Innisfail 2ft Gauge and the two isolated lines up north; 
with PB15s, Beyer Garratts and Red Rail Motors, and wooden passenger cars and Station Masters with pith helmets.

Covering many regions around the state - as they were at a time now long gone - this book will be an essential addition to your library. 56 pages, A4 in full colour. RRP $42 incl GST

The ultimate quality in picture books.

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