COMENG - A History of Commonwealth Engineering Volume 1 1921 - 1955 (BOOK)



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COMENG - A History of Commonwealth Engineering Volume 1 1921 - 1955 (BOOK)

The history of Commonwealth Engineering spans some 70 years and its story is really a window into Australia's industrial and manufacturing development from the end of the First World War through to the early 1990s.

At its peak the Comeng Holdings empire was the largest manufacturer of railway rolling stock in the Southern Hemisphere, having the largest order book for rolling stock of any firm in the Western world. It continued to grow in size until in December 1982 it was listed at number 48 in the top 150 companies in Australia. It then had almost 7,000 employees.

The sheer range of products produced by this one company was truly extraordinary. Consider the following partial list: motor car and bus bodies, ambulances, trams, light rail vehicles, passenger trains, diesel railcars, freight vehicles, bogies, industrial and mainline locomotives, vehicles and machinery for the steel industry, portable and fixed cranes, earth-moving equipment, curtain walling for high rise buildings, bridges, oil refinery equipment, ships, aircraft hangars, pontoons, fibreglass components, mining equipment, industrial fans and compressors, gearboxes, sewage treatment plants, furnaces, ovens, dryers, electric power tools, ventilation equipment, scientific instruments, iron and steel castings.

And so the list goes on!

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