Capturing The Journey - The Q150 Steam Train (BOOK)



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Capturing The Journey - The Q150 Steam Train (BOOK)

Written by Carole Horne with photography by Steve Parish.

In 2009, Queensland marked its century-and-a-half milestone with a journey as emotion-charged, challenging and triumphant as the state's own proud passage over 150 years. From big coastal cities to tiny outback towns, the Q150 Steam Train whistled its way into the hearts of Queenslanders.

It was a logistical feat on a scale never before attempted: QR heritage rollingstock and engines employed on a pilgrimage of celebration that spanned five months and more than 11,000 kilometres. In excess of 20,000 passengers joined the journey. The Q1 50 Steam Train came to mean many different things: to children, it was a story-book page brought to life ... a rekindled memory for those who lived through the age of steam ... and, to so many across this vast and diverse state, a symbol of community and connection.

Most of all, the train was an emblem of pride - pride in Queensland's past, its people and its progress into the next century. This book is by no means an exhaustive record of the remarkable journeys of the Q150 Steam Train but hopefully it has captured the joyous spirit that followed the train wherever it travelled. The Q1 50 Steam Train - Capturing the journey is a keepsake, in images and words, of a wonderful adventure that united and delighted so many Queenslanders.

 68 Pages - Full Colour - Glossy


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